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Commissions: Closed

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Honestly, Heavy


im sorry




aaaaaaand last one!!! I know there’s a lot of you who want to see this~

that’s it! I’ll open back up commissions in the near future for those interested UwU thank you so much~

((OOC: I figure this belongs here too~))


captainvonkummerspeck replied to your post:[Commissions closed for now]

Nah man you deserve to make money off of your art it is a skill worth paying for. So many artist undercharge and it’s gross and bad for the market.

markingatlightspeed replied to your post:[Commissions closed for now]

The conversion really sucks on both sides! I hope the new prices make it more tenable for you to be able to continue doing commissions!

True and true, think people are scared of over charging and then being called out like “Your art isn’t worth that much” but I guess if someone will pay for it then it’s worth it .-.

And it really does! I’ll sort all the prices out and be like yeah they look fair, then convert it to dollars to check and they look SO much more expensive ;;^;;

[Commissions closed for now]

Just a psa I guess [ for those of you who have already confirmed commissions with me, you can ignore this]

The next time I open commissions I’ll be posting a new price list and commission prices will be going up, with the ones I have now I’m not making nearly enough to support myself and that in turn makes me question is it even worth doing commissions. So sorry if they seem more expensive next time around, this is my only source of income at the end of the day. If you’ve already asked for a commission/confirmed it with me, you’re price will remain the same as previously stated.

I feel bad because it looks so much more expensive in dollars [$1.00= £0.69] so you might look at something and think $40.00 is expensive but I’d only be getting £24.39 from it [The pain of being British] 

So yeah just a heads up in advance :]image

Also University has just started again but I’ll try and get more active again soooooon


I and Lill Engi

Hi, are you still accepting commissions? I tried to message you on Skype (as you said you prefer) but you haven't responded yet.

Hello yes I am taking commissions atm, Sorry I’ve not been on skype or even online much the past few days but I’ll respond to it now~ c:


Download the set here

fancy gif god? plz


Where did they even get that pic

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