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Holy crap the Harry Potter tf2 art is awesome!! What house do you think all the classes would be in? *o*

THank you very much! I was worried it was a bit rubbish because I’m ill and tired but you’ve reassured me. 


Gryffindor: Demoman, Heavy, Scout

Ravenclaw: Engineer, Miss Pauling

Hufflepuff: Sniper, Soldier, Pyro

Slytherin: Spy, Medic

I also wanna do a Proffessor AU where all the Mercs are teachers at Hogwarts but that’s to come at a later date *w*

TF2/Hogwarts OT3 doodle ╰( ´・ω・)つ──☆ *・゜゚・*☆

teafortteu replied to your post:Quick question, Which Hogwarts houses would you…

I see Scout as Gryffindoor because he sees himself as a Big Damn Hero. Medic strikes me as a particularly eccentric Ravenclaw, and Sniper as a Hufflepuff because he’s so focused on obligations and has this “salt of the earth” quality.

sugartits23 replied to your post:Quick question, Which Hogwarts houses would you…

Scout in Gryffindor definitely. Sniper…I can’t see him in Ravenclaw D:! And Medic in Slytherin x3
jason-brody replied to your post“Quick question, Which Hogwarts houses would you put Sniper, Medic and…”jason-brody

Medic = Slytherin, Scout = Gryffindor and Sniper = Hufflepuff 0u0

Ah well, I didn’t think of Hufflepuff for Sniper but now that you mention it that seems about right.

So the Sorting hat says, Medic in Slytherin, Sniper in Hufflepuff, and Scout in Gryffindor. Thanks for your input everyone c:

pencilstab replied to your post:Quick question, Which Hogwarts houses would you…

Hmm… I think Medic would be Slytherin because he’s very ambitious, but he could also fit into Ravenclaw because he is indeed clever! Butlet’sfaceithe’dpulloffthegreenbetter. Scout probably Gryffindor, tbh. Have to be ballsy for his job :3

I do see Medic in Slytherin but he’s also a big excitable nerd so I think the other two ;;^;; But then again Spy’s the only other person I’ve put in Slytherin so I guess he needs company.

As for Scout I think you’re right about going with Gryffindor!

Quick question, Which Hogwarts houses would you put Sniper, Medic and Scout in?

I think Medic is creepy enough for Slytherin, deranged enough for Hufflepuff, but clever enough for Ravenclaw, But I can’t choose

Sniper I honestly can’t put him strongly in any of them so possibly Ravenclaw as like a default?

And Scout I’m torn between Gryffindor or Slytherin [because of the cocky attitude]

What d’you guys think?There is a point to this I promise


After hearing the hidden soldier/demo lines from the WAR update I was inspired.



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