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Day #21: Baking ((clicky on pic to make biggy))

"A-ah!! Meine Wüste Gott! You are going to spill zhe apfelstrudel batter everyvhere!”

"Oi promise not to, Dove."

(they use the beurre B) it was too good to pass up the opportunity)


Considering making a full modelling sheet for this  lady medic. Drawing her has become awfully fun >_>; 

though it’s still a work in progress

(plus  bloody lady medic as a bonus!)


it i s 6am Please help me


So Kingu and I are finally getting the hand of double-Medicing, kind of. We managed to get a good few decent kills yesterday :D This life  update has been brought to you by TastyTexan, who is still alive despite what your dash tells you.

Correction, Tex is getting the hang of uber-training, I can’t melee with the ubersaw for shit so our double-medicing consists of Tex kicking ass and then us having to hide somewhere while I build charge ;;w;;


I went with 22~


results of today’s stream!

battle mediiiic

Who said they didn’t hurt? Mine hurt like hell
Actually my Auntie told me going off my cousin’s experience that it hardly hurt,  however she did tell me afterward she’d lied and that is was meant to be painful :’] 

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Finally got a septum piercing! I’ve wanted one for ages, so happy with it [and it can draw attention to my giant nose]


I wouldn’t say I cried but my eyes watered a hell of a lot, people say this is one of the least painful but I have the pain threshold of a gnat so I was a bit of a baby. The piercing dude was amazing though and he said if it goes wonky he’ll re-pierce it for me for free. 

Whooaaaaa. You look badass!!! This marks the 3rd or 4th friend I have that has a septum piercing! I really admire people who get it b/c it’s such a badass piercing.

Also you have a  really nice nose…. /////// but then again I have a thing for noses oh god I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound pervy but it’s super nice and it’s making me blush really hard. Ahhhh you should be so happy to have such a long and gorgeous nose… ahhhhhh /// *dies of shyness*

But yes. Ah long story short, is you look awesome, nuff said.

Sorry I’ll just reply on this account But aw man Queenie that’s so sweet! I’ve always loved septum piercings I love how they look on people so I’m pretty chuffed I finally got one. And you don’t sound pervy at all, I’m flattered :L I use to be really self concious about my nose so that makes me really happy, Thank you, you sweet thang <3 

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